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Beautiful tiles and impeccable service.

These things don’t happen by accident.

They happen because everyone in our studio has the soul of an artist and the sense of responsibility of a ship’s captain.

Ted Lowitz, Founder and Designer

Ted Lowitz

Founder and Designer

Art and business are both in Ted’s genes. His grandmother was a daring, soulful painter, and his grandfather was an innovative, generous retailer. Following in their footsteps, Ted set out to create a business that was rooted in his artwork.

Ted’s winding path to tile-making began with a degree in studio art and religious studies from Brown University. He then worked as an assistant to the Curator of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and taught drawing and art appreciation. He dipped his foot into the world of business working for four years as a retail furniture salesman.

In 1990, a spontaneous urge to muck around in clay combined with his love of pattern brought Ted to tile-making. Soon Lowitz & Company was launched.

For more than twenty-five years, Ted has found great fulfillment in our tile studio: designing tiles, teaching and learning from his staff, and always striving to be among our customers’ favorite, most trusted vendors.

Ted still spends some time on more personal artwork. In recent years he has focused on taking quiet, contemplative photographs of friends and of the great beauty that is sometimes found in the ordinary moments of daily life.


Stacza Lipinski

Studio Director

When Stacza applied for a job in our studio, she sent along a few photos of playful paper party hats she had made. These simple, beautifully crafted, thoroughly delightful inventions captivated us. And insofar as every work of art is a self-portrait, we were eager to meet her.

We soon learned that Stacza was an accomplished artist with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Ohio State University. And not only did she have a talent for creating visual delight, she also had a talent for planning, scheduling, and getting things done. With her twin talents, Stacza has been crucial to our success since she joined our staff in 2002.

In her fourteen years with Lowitz & Company, Stacza has risen to the position of Studio Director. She oversees both production and customer service. When our customers are happy, they have Stacza to thank. In fact, whenever anything truly delightful comes out of our studio – a beautifully wrapped box of chocolates or an order shipped early – you can be sure Stacza had a hand in it.

Stacza maintains a busy practice as an artist, too. Her drawings are at once playful and focused. With fine lines and expressive, flowing fields, Stacza’s drawings explore the delights, the constraints, and the unexpected, beautiful flow of daily life. You can see some of Stacza’s work on her website.

Ethan Sherry, Studio Staff

Ethan Sherry

Studio Staff
Senior Associate, Tile Production

Ethan has been part of Lowitz & Company since 2014. A native of South Bend, Indiana, Ethan studied studio art and communications at Indiana University. Both of these courses of study serve him well in our studio where he is a jack of all trades: he glazes, fires and finishes tiles, and answers questions from our customers when they call. Ethan also brings his talents to helping write and design our marketing materials and website. In every facet of our work, we benefit every day from Ethan’s discerning eye, his ear for language, and his exceptionally high standards.

Ethan’s creative work extends far beyond our studio walls. He’s an accomplished tap dancer. He performs with the tap company “333” in Chicago, and with “Tap That Brass” in New Orleans. If you’d like a glimpse of the world through Ethan’s eyes, check out his Instagram feed — @eebaser.

Walter Briggs, Studio Staff

Cullen Faber

Studio Staff
Display and Finishing Specialist

Cullen joined Lowitz & Company in the summer of 2016. Since he arrived for his first interview, Cullen’s warm smile and enthusiastic curiosity have lit up our studio. Cullen has a degree in studio art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His sharp eye, intelligence, and sensitivity to materials make him a natural at fine tile-making. Cullen is always eager to learn. He quickly mastered our finishing processes, and has helped improve our workflow and techniques. 

As an artist, Cullen works in a wide variety of media, from clay to printmaking to photography, but there is a through-line to all of his work: an understated matter-of-factness, a sensitivity to the subtleties of the world around us, and a quiet wit. You can see his work at cullenfaber.tumblr.com. In addition, Cullen runs a gallery with his brother, Kirk. Appropriately called Faber & Faber, the gallery is dedicated to creating a welcoming community of artists and friends.

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When you choose tile, you make a decision you will live with for a long time. The decision can be daunting. You know what appeals to you today, but what will appeal to you tomorrow? At Lowitz & Company, we strive to interpret timeless designs in a personal way. The patterns on our tiles appear in countless variations in art and architecture – from prehistoric stone carvings and classical friezes to modern abstract sculpture. They are timeless designs that resonate in our minds. We hope you will find our tiles to be engagingly new and yet deeply familiar

Our friendly crew is eager to help you! Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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