Our tiles are sold in fine showrooms around the world.
We also sell tiles directly from our studio.


For Bronzework Studio, please use the showroom map or list below. If there is no showroom within a 50 mile radius of your location, contact our studio directly.


For Foundry Art, customers in the U.S. and Canada can order online at Claremont Tile. For Europe or Asia, please see the showroom list below.


For Talisman, please contact our studio directly.

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Order directly from our Chicago studio
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When you choose tile, you make a decision you will live with for a long time. The decision can be daunting. You know what appeals to you today, but what will appeal to you tomorrow? At Lowitz & Company, we strive to interpret timeless designs in a personal way. The patterns on our tiles appear in countless variations in art and architecture – from prehistoric stone carvings and classical friezes to modern abstract sculpture. They are timeless designs that resonate in our minds. We hope you will find our tiles to be engagingly new and yet deeply familiar

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